What Will We Talk About?

Each and every family will have different needs, expectations, fears and information, so my job is to meet you where you are and fill in gaps that might be glaring as well as the more subtle ones that you may not even know exist.

Here is a list of some of the more common discussion topics we address:

~Community resources for and information about: pregnancy, birth, postpartum support, physical and emotional well-being, education and fun!

~Choosing or understanding a practitioner and/or birth location. Understanding your options.

~What is doula support?

~Detailed discussion of birth "preferences", medical protocols, practices, common interventions and their real-life manifestation, a roughly chronological walk-through of what labor and delivery and the immediate postpartum period can look like, helpful "hospital hacks".

~Overview of pain management options, potential meds, possible procedures, and the medical (not moral) pros/cons of choices .

~How best to advocate for yourself.

~Discussion of how early labor might play out, tips for partner support, logistics of how/when/why you would go to your birth location, techniques for managing labor. 

~Consideration of how to manage other's expectations (extended family, etc).

~ Exploring what the postpartum period looks like and making a plan for that, too.

~New baby topics: expectations of life with a newborn (another place where lack-of-control rears its head!), discussion and demo of baby-wearing, car seat safety check, resources for plethora of baby questions.

Please contact me for a free assessment of your needs/my services. I recommend at least two, two-hour virtual sessions and am available for more, if desired. I find it helpful to schedule our first meeting for around 32-ish weeks of pregnancy and the second for around 36-ish weeks. Upon being hired as a consultant I also include limited email support.

SessionFees: $250 per hour